Tarsia Technical Industries, Inc.
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tti copy systems, vacuum easels, lighting systems, and cameras
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Established in 1986: Tarsia Technical Industries, Inc. is a Long Island, New York based company, which specializes in product design and manufacturing of imaging products.

Products include: Large and medium format cameras, copy stands, lighting and lighting systems, vacuum easels and vacuum easel systems, electro-mechanical drives, optical systems and other products related to photographic, graphic arts and digital imaging applications - for research, production and reproduction. Additionally, TTI manufactures products under private label for several fortune 500 companies.

Expertise/Talent: TTI’s multi-faceted and extensive experience in engineering, product design, and manufacturing know-how are the solid foundation on which this company was built. Our innovation and reputation are unparalleled in the industry.

Business Partners: TTI Products are found in many world-class organizations, both in the US and abroad, including major museums, libraries, galleries, universities, government agencies as well as in private industry. Our diversity of expertise and industry-leading innovation allow our products to serve leaders in education, medical imaging, fine art reproduction, publishing, digital archiving, textile industry, forensics, law enforcement and military organizations.